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Triforce Defenders

Tribe name:Triforce Defenders
Number of members:1
Points of the best 40 players:0
Total points:0
Average points:0
Opponents defeated:9.970.782 (6.)

LoZ:TD was founded by Zelda534. If you have questions please contact Zelda534.

We Respect our Agreements and Treaties with Honor and Trust. Please be willing to do the same for us or do not bother.

For alliances or Nap's please contact:


NO we will not merge into you but you are quite welcome to merge into US.


Our tribe is like cancer. You might try to get rid of us, but we'll just pop up somewhere else later. ;P



For an invite please contact anyone in the tribe.

**********NO REFUGEES!!**********
Please don't bring your dirty laundry to us. Bring honesty and respect, and you will recieve it in return.


For those of you who don't know what the Legend of Zelda is, it's a game that I am a HUGE fan of, but don't worry, you don't have to like, or even know the game to join the tribe. Those of you who DO know what LoZ is, then you'll know that the tribe's name comes from something in the game. The reason I chose that name was not only because I like the game, it was also for the concept of it. Basically, it stands for Power, Wisdom, and Courage, which is what we will be focusing on in this tribe. I'll accept anyone that is willing to join, with the exeption of refugees because, well, that should be quite obvious. The only requirement is that you participate in the tribal forum so that we get to know each other well enough to trust one another and to be well informed about what is going on in the tribe. This is a pretty peaceful tribe, so if you're looking for trouble, this won't be the place to find it, but if attacked WE WILL RESPOND!! Just remember that this is a tribe based on teamwork, and is mainly just for fun. You must be loyal to the tribe and not do anything to harm the tribe or the people in it.
You need to be an active player. If you are gone for more than a week without an account sitter or a REALLY good excuse, you WILL be dismissed!

Gamers and forum spammers are more than welcome. ;D